Carrie, Harrison, John & Lula
Carrie, Harrison, John & Lula


During the year of 1983, Mrs. Fletcher Louise Merritt and Mrs. Ruby Bell collected from the archives in Little Rock as much information as they could find about the Greene Fleming and Lucinda McDaniel Fleming Family.  You already have that information as a part of your family needs.
Today you will receive more information on the Greene Fleming, Lucinda McDaniel Family.  It was however, collected by Ella Burgess from the memories of the, living, older members of the family.  The names of the contributors are listed below: 
Christine Hall Brown Bull, Rev. Lloyd G. Fleming, Alberta Fleming Alexander, Goldie Fleming Peters, Serletha Fleming Mayfield, Louise Smith Brame, Ella Mae Fleming Burgess, Rev. Elihue Gaylord.
The last three people named on this list are there for courtesy purposes only, as they were all too young during the included events, to really remember them.

Grandpa Greene and Grandma Lucinda lived in the Mt. Abell Community of Center Ridge, Arkansas, located about 22 miles north of Morrilton.  Their home was situated on a little knoll or hill and was surrounded, in triangular fashion, by the homes of two of their sons and one daughter.  Their house was referred to as the "Big House."  It had a porch which extended across the front and served as a gathering place for the family.  In the front yard was a very large tree which furnished shade for the children to play.
The homes which surrounded the "Big House" belonged to Harrison, John and Martha called Bea.  Harrison's home was to the west about 1/2 mile.  John's was to the north 1/4 mile and Bea's was southwest about 3/4 of a mile.  Greene and Lucinda had ten (10) children.  They were:
Mary Hattie William
Alfred B John
Lula Lafayette
Harrison Carrie
Ulyssus Martha

A little of each of their histories follows:

Mary Hattie (called Sis) married Lawrence Williams of Cleveland, Arkansas.  Upon marrying, Sis moved to Cleveland with her husband.  Their children are Richard call Bud (deceased), Mammie (deceased), Alfie (deceased), S.D. (deceased), Lucille (deceased), Cora Mae (deceased), and Doll.

Alfred B. (called Bud or Bubba) lived in Texas.  The contributors have no knowledge of him beyond this except that he also died in Texas.

Lula (called Mitt) married Ed Smith of Morrilton and moved to Morrilton upon marrying.  Their children are:  Louise, James Edward (deceased), Ruby Lee (deceased), Gilliam, Niles and Dorothy Mae (deceased).

Harrison married Evelyn McFarlin.  Their children are:  Porter (deceased), Serletha, Alberta and Goldie.  Harrison also has a son, Clyde, who carries his mother's name, Hammons.

Ulyssus married a sister of Lawrence Williams, Hattie's husband.  He died early and they had no children.

William (called Will) married Annie of Bigelow, Arkansas.  They had one child, Katie.  He later married Babe Fowler.  They did not have any children.  Will lived in Menifee, Bigelow, and later Conway.  Uncle Will's daughter, Katie had two Children; a daughter whose name we do not know, and a son, Charles (deceased).  Charles was a administrative judge of the Cleveland, OH Municipal Courts.  Katie, her children and grandchildren live in Cleveland, OH.

John married Clarentine Sullivan.  Their children are:  Dewitt (deceased), Lloyd, Ella Mae, Ruby Jewel, Guy (Afton), Retha Jean (deceased), Fletcher (Louise), and Audrey Levester.  The names which appear in parenthesis are names chosen by these persons.  If you are looking for information on them, you will not find them listed this way in any records.

Lafayette (called Lay) married Dessie Fowler.  They had two sons:  Emerson and Talmadge.  Uncle Lay also has a daughter, J.V. Willis who lives in Kansas City, MO.  He lived in the "Big House."

Carrie (called Sister) had one son, Elihue Gaylord (deceased).  She moved to Morrilton where she lived and worked.  When she visited Mt. Abell, she also lived in the "Big House."

Martha (called Bea) married Jim Hall.  Their children are Christine, Augustine and Willie James.  Aunt Bea married Henry Boserman after Uncle Jim died.

Other families of the Mt. Abell Community were Matthew and Mary McDaniel, John Brown, Douglass Brown, Lee Brown who was married to Lillie Sullivan, sister to Clarentine Fleming, Burl and Kansas McFarlin parents of Evelyn Fleming Canady and Frank Britton married to Alma McFarlin sister, to Evelyn.  Matthew McDaniel (called Math) was a nephew of Grandma's.  Math was the community doctor, dentist, etc.  When anyone got sick, they sent for Math.  His wife Mary was a midwife who brought some of us into this world, I imagine.
The school teachers that we remember were Miss Della Brown and Mrs. Celia Wallace.  The school was a tiny one room building, which burned down early in our lives.  After it burned, school was held in Douglass Brown's house as it was empty.  The next place where classes were held was a brush arbor which was built by the men of the community.  When it rained we would leave the arbor and go to Aunt Evelyn's house which was close by.  
The Brush arbor was built by putting forked poles into the ground with three lines and three or four poles in each line.  One line went straight down the center and two lines were on each side.  Then poles were placed across the top and fitted into the forked poles.  Branches with leaves were used to finish off the top.  (If anyone wants to know more about building a brush arbor, I refer you to Mr. W. S. Alexander).  Our seats in the brush arbor were round blocks sawed from trees.  They were set up on their ends and wide boards were laid across them.  It was a nice, clean and cool place for classes.  After John and his family moved away, his house became the school, as well as the gathering place for Sunday School, choir rehearsal, etc.

One by one the families moved away, usually to Solgohacia, and then to the Morrilton area.  But the families always seemed to end up living not too many miles from one another until later years.  Now we are scattered over about ten states.