From the Elders

Standing on our ancestors shoulders is a difficult task at its best, but impossible if no trail is left.  We are told that in search of information concerning Christian Education, the pioneer himself, Rev. Greene Fleming, traveled from Center Ridge, Arkansas to Fort Smith, Arkansas, using whatever mode of transportation then available, to obtain it.  He then used it in the local church and helped to establish the Cypress Creek District that is still in existence now.  This was done in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

They had come out of Laurens Township, Laurens County, South Carolina, looking for a better way and a better day for their descendants.

Leave a clear trail for your descendants, of our faith and believe in God, and mankind.  Say it, live it, record it, date it.  They were rooted and stayed focus on their goal.

He who travels on the backs of others never knows how far it is to the city.

Ruby Fleming Bell

The Family Creed  

The Fleming Family Creed centers around a commitment to God, African People, and the family.  This commitment leads and inspires us to believe in the following:


God is the head of our family - the source of our strength.


Respect for all creation and live harmoniously and peacefully with it.


Know who we are as African People.


Believe and exercise the values of persistency, determination and charity.

5. Be knowledgeable in order to make wise decisions.  Consequently, study is a necessity.  Learning how to discriminate between those aspects of life that will impact one negatively and/or positively is one result of constant study.
6. With every right there is an equal responsibility.
7. Think, and do not give in to peer pressure at any age.
8. One must set his or her own goals and standards for living and pursue those diligently.  Make excellence our trademark.  Do what it takes!
9. Work actively toward the support and empowerment of our family, our community, and the African Nation.
10. Aid and assist each other in adversity.  Take care of your sick, your children, and yourself.
11. Nourish our children with a belief in God and in themselves.
12. We are no better than any one else; but, no one is better than us.
13. You have to be completely happy and truthful with yourself in order to be happy with the world.
14. Embrace and participate in the extended family concept.  Exercise continuous interaction of family members to encourage love and support of each other.
  We also believe that each person should mature into one who practices responsibility and healthy forms of independence, yet realize that no man is an island and able to do it all by himself.